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Alton Elevator Company was established in 1384 (2005) in the field of design and production of elevator control and electronic systems.

With the support of the technical knowledge and expertise of our design and R&D team, we have successfully obtained the knowledge-based approval for the Altex Compact Control Panel in recent years. By using the latest technologies in the world, we have been able to offer products of very high quality and at a reasonable price to the Iranian elevator industry.

In the Altex Compact, the most advanced artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms are used, so that this control panel is compatible with all motors available in the Iranian market, including controlling various single-speed gear motors without the need for encoder installation. At the same time, with the best motion profile feeling in the elevator cabin.

In the new designs, the fourth generation of CORTEX with a processing power of 120 million instructions per second is used in all products of this company, which are all ultra-fast 32-bit ARM processors manufactured by Philips (NXP) and designed for industrial systems.

This controller has the ability to communicate with all peripheral products via Canbus, which is the most reliable industrial communication protocol, especially in the field of elevators. All control panels of this company have a free SIM card and have the ability to connect to the 4G network and update their programs via the internet and send SMS. The use of powerful noise filters and the implementation of EMC requirements are among the other features of the company’s products.

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Address: No. 7,  Alvand Alley, Zagros Blvd,  Qods, Tehran, Iran

Tell: 46872005 (+21)

Fax: +2146872015

 Mail: info@altonasansor@gmail.com

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