Alton Elevator Company has been established in 2005 in designing and production of lift electronic and control system field. With supported knowledge and technical expertise of design and production team, this company succeed to produce high quality and reasonable price products during continues years. Main motto of research and development team was using last technologies in recent years . that’s why all company products has been produced and designed based on ARM ultra-fast 32-bit microcontrollers, built by NXP (Philips). These controllers are capable to connect to all lateral products by CANBUS which is the most reliable communications protocol in industry, especially in elevator field. All control boards are capable to connect telecommunication network and has GPRS 4G , SMS and dual communication possibilities. Using powerful noise filters and implementation of EMC requirements are other advantages of this company’s products. In order to produce clear and mass products in line with companies long term plan , Alton established a factory with 1800 m2 area in Zagros Industrial complex (18 km of Karaj Special Road ) which contains 900 m2 production and warehouse area and 200 m2 office.